“One of the gladdest moments of human life, me thinks, is the departure upon a distant journey into unknown lands. Shaking off with one mighty effort the fetters of habit, the leaden weight of routine, the cloak of many cares and the slavery of home, man feels once more happy.” – Sir Richard Burton


How to be inspired and find inspiration? Life can easily become so hectic and stressful. How easy it is to forget about taking a little bit of time out just for us to “reset”. Down time in this day and age seems to be getting less and less. With no down time, its very easy to become jaded and finding yourself trapped in a day to day cycle of work, eat, sleep, rinse, repeat.

We found ourselves having fallen into this trap and so made a decision to turn that right around! By setting up this blog, we hoped to inspire ourselves to keep getting out there. Finding a good work/life balance is so crucial.

The family behind “Be Back After” consists of four members, Troy, Jo, Dean and Cassie. Residing in Queensland, Australia, it affords a magnificent gateway for many adventures. As the old saying goes, Australia is the lucky country, and Queensland certainly helps to emphasise just that!

From 4WD tracks and day trips, to Southbank in the CBD. From camping trips to remote little corners of the bush to exotic cruises to the South Pacific Islands – this blog will chronicle all our adventures. Hopefully our adventures will help to inspire you and your family.

We love to hear your thoughts, ideas and feedback so please feel free to leave your comments or drop us a line to our email.

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